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« Qu'on écrive un roman ou un scénario, on organise des rencontres, on vit avec des personnages ; c'est le même plaisir, le même travail, on intensifie la vie. »

François Truffaut
Since launching his filmmaking career in Montreal, QC in 2002, Ianic Mathieu has produced an impressive body of work, writing and directing over forty short films which have been viewed by audiences and featured at film festivals worldwide. His career has taken him on journeys across Canada and Europe, working in countless historic cities with talented teams from all over the world. In his capacity as an experienced cinematographer, Ianic has shot and edited most of his own projects. In so doing, he’s allowed himself the artistic freedom to express his own vision without compromise. His passion for drama goes hand in hand with his poetic inclination, and Ianic’s artistic achievements have frequently been recognised by the micro-budget international film community. His work has been included in dozens of prestigious film festivals such as São Paulo International Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival, Vienna International Film Festival, the Commonwealth film festival, Le Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québecois, Festival du Nouveau cinéma, Brussels Film Festival and many other festivals around the world either in official selections, short film compilations or at filmmaking workshop events.
Depuis le lancement de sa carrière de cinéaste à Montréal, QC en 2002 , Ianic Mathieu a produit un oeuvre impressionant: ayant écrit et réalisé plus de quarante courts métrages qui ont été vus par le public et présentés dans des festivals à travers le monde . Sa carrière l'a mené sur des voyages à travers le Canada et en Europe, travaillant dans d'innombrables villes historiques avec des équipes talentueuses de partout dans le monde. En sa qualité de directeur photo experimenté, Ianic a tourné et monté la plupart de ses propres projets, lui permettant la liberté artistique d'exprimer sa propre vision sans compromis. Sa passion pour le drame va de pair avec son inclinaison poétique, et les réalisations artistiques de Ianic ont souvent été reconnues par la communauté internationale du film micro-budget. Son travail a été inclus dans des dizaines de festivals prestigieux, dont, entre autres, les internationaux de São Paulo et de Vienne, Fantasia, Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, et les festivals de film de Bruxelles et du Commonwealth, soit en sélections officielles, des compilations de courts-métrage, ou dans des ateliers de production de film.


Cinematographer and film director, Ianic Mathieu has developed an international reputation for seamlessly combining artistic ingenuity with his passion for story-telling. He counts writing scripts and directing among his greatest pleasures in life and is no more at home than with a camera on his shoulder submerged in the filming process. He can usually be found among the cobbled streets of Old Montreal, but most of his work as a film director has been accomplished abroad.


Short Films, feature films.

As a director Ianic has worked on over forty short films around the world. Il a aussi étudier la direction d'acteur, Stanislavki et la direction de production.


Ianic has written projects in French, English and German.

Scriptwriter and author
As an complished writer Ianic has over 50 scripts under his belt. From features to short films. Il travail présentement sur son second roman.


Taking a project from script to screen.

Director of Photography
As a cinematographer Ianic has filmed hundereds of projects and published three books displaying his work as a photographer


With over 40 short films created between 2002 and 2013 it's a challenge to put together a small selection. I do not really believe in - Best of - compilation as I think each film has it’s own identity. Here are a few that stood out in festivals or received special honours.
ENCRE (2004)
At the time, Encre was Ianic’s most ambitious film project. With a run time of 30 minutes, and dozens of pages of dialogue, the film still uses his iconic artistic imagery to develop the story with a beautiful Film Noir essence.

Inspired by the work of David Cronenberg, this compelling short film infuses sexual desire with the paranoia of an isolated man suffering writers’ block. The script is unique, but holds within it a few key moments which create an homage to Cronenberg’s work. Set in 1920’s Montreal, the set design, costumes and music work together to immerse the audience with a toned down high contrast film noir look. Encre is an art film which takes us on a 30 minute journey into a man’s reflections.
Last Day of Industria In the mind of a flower (2008)
Coming from a background in animation and special effects it was only natural for Ianic Mathieu to go on to create and direct a film like “Industria” : characters move within a dark, totalitarian landscape dwarfed in the shadows of nuclear factories. The film was a very personal project about change and letting go. We all have a different way to tell a story, this is just one of them. Perhaps Ianic’s most poignant film, this journey into Industria is filled with symbolic imagery and represents the director’s unique opportunity to retain his own personal vision from beginning to end without compromise.
Insomnex Beta Testing (2006)
Watch it at Vimeo
Winner of the Best Directed film mention at the SPASM festival in Montreal, Insomnex Beta Testing has also received attention from critics and audiences around the world as part of a Film Quebecois Compilation
La Fontaine(2007)
Filmed in Chinon, France, this short film was another project that incorporated visual effects and live imagery. A tragic end to ones fascination with a young girl.
Le Verre Vert(2008)
Filmed in Montreal and features a lawyer trying to talk his way out of imminent death with a Absinth Fairy.
Der Treibende Fischer (2011)
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Set amid the landscapes of North Sea Islands, Der Treibende Fischer, tells the story of a psychologist who sets out to find the truth behind the mysterious death of one of the inhabitants of a small fishing town.


Short films
writer and director

Der treibende Fischer (2011) - SYLT - GERMANY
The Last Day of Industria In the Mind of a Flower (2008) - MONTREAL - CANADA
Le verre vert (2008) - MONTREAL - CANADA
Sur écoute (2008) - MONTREAL - CANADA
A quoi tu penses? (2007) - NOGENT LE RETROU - FRANCE
La fontaine (2007) - CHINON - FRANCE
Íslenskt veður (2007) REYKAVIK - ISLAND
Louve SS (2007) - MONTREAL - CANADA
Reykja Vik (2007) - REYKAVIK - ISLAND
A Cleaning Tale(2007) VIENNA - OSTERREICH
Die Memoiren der 17 - VIENNA OSTERREICH
La corriveau (2006) - ANIMATION - MONTREAL - CANADA
Demain, à la une! (2006) BRUSSELS - BELGIUM
Fais-le pour toi Robert (2006) MONTREAL - CANADA
La femme invisible (2006) BRUSSELS - BELGIQUE
Insomnex Beta Testing (2006) - QUEBEC - CANADA
La malédiction de Sarah (2006) MONTREAL - CANADA
Triste est l'amour (2006) MONTREAL - CANADA
Breath (2005) MANCHESTER - UK
Die Brücke (2005) HAMBURG - GERMANY
Clockwork Orange - Remake (2005) HAMBURG - GERMANY
Craie (2005) MONTREAL - CANADA
Debt Clearance (2005) MANCHESTER - GERMANY
La dernière obsession d'Émilie (2005) MONTREAL - CANADA
La Fuite (2005) MONTREAL - CANADA
Polaroid (2005) BERLIN - GERMANY
Saving the Planet (2005) BERLIN - GERMANY
Simply Your Departure (2005) MANCHESTER - UK
Traffic (2005) BERLIN - GERMANY
Androlide (2004) MONTREAL - CANADA
Baby Junkie (2004) MONTREAL - CANADA
Dilué par le temps (2004) MONTREAL - CANADA
Le photographe (2004) MONTREAL - CANADA
Treize (2004) MONTREAL - CANADA L'éléphant bat de l'aile (2003) MONTREAL - CANADA
Gabrielle n'a pas d'ange (2003) MONTREAL - CANADA
Lundi... juste avant la fin du programme (2003) MONTREAL - CANADA
Passé le Last-Call (2003) MONTREAL - CANADA
Sale temps pour faire le clown (2003) MONTREAL - CANADA
Entre l'amour et le beau temps (2002) MONTREAL - CANADA
Johnny et Chanel, la tragédie (2002) MONTREAL - CANADA
Motel 1102 (2002) MONTREAL - CANADA

Feature films
writer and Director

Salt Bullets (2015 - To be produced) - SUDBURY - CANADA
One month (2015 - To be produced) - SUDBURY - CANADA


With over 10 German short films under his belt, Germany is one of Ianic’s favourite places in the world to shoot films. His last production was filmed on the beautiful island of Sylt in the North Sea.

2005 until present


Ianic’s first visit to the UK was spent in the cultural capital of Northern England. Here he directed three short films which were featured at the Common wealth Film Festival.



Ianic’s independent studio is located in the heart of Old Montreal, where he does the bulk of his editing work.



Featured at the VIS Vienna independent Shorts festival, Austria’s largest independent film festival. While he was there in Vienna he also directed the experimental short film Die Memoren 17



Having directed short films in Iceland, Ianic also worked as the Technical Director for a Film making workshop at the Reykjavik Film Festival (RIFF)



Near to his home in Montreal, Quebec is the birthplace of Ianic’s short film Insonmex Beta Testing, which won the Best Directed film at SPASM festival in Montreal

2002 until present


Sydney is where Ianic directed his first HD film. Here he also took part in the Possible Worlds films festival.



Taking part in the Brussels Film Festival, Ianic directed 2 short drama in the Belgian capital.


The Writer

Ianic's journey into art is mostly centered on his strongest passion: Storytelling. Between 2013 and 2015 here are his accomplishments.
La femme du pêcheur à flot ( the wife of the floating fisherman )
Ianic Mathieu | Second novel - In writing
Taking as a base for this story his thirty minute short film "Der Treibende Fischer", Ianic started his second novel set in the 1950s in north germany. The novel is written mostly in French but also features the German and Frisian languages.
Le Jardin de la Paix - Roman / Novel
Ianic Mathieu | First Novel - 2014
Started in 2008, Ianic completed in Novembre 2014 his first novel intitled "Le Jardin de la Paix/Serenity Garden". The novels follows the life of a young boy to adulthood and his exile from the country side to the big city.
Salt Bullets and One Month
Ianic Mathieu | August 2014
With the collaboration of an amazing writer, Ianic finalized two feature film script that are ready for production.